...תן המסר שלו להפוך אותך!

Ruby and I would like to thank you for visiting R & R Inspirationals.  In the time that we have been on the internet, we have been incredibly blessed by GOD.

We have made some very good Christian friends, both on and off the internet and although our sole purpose was, and still is, to reach out with inspirational stories, poems, articles, patriotic messages and so forth and touch someone's life and perhaps encourage them or to help lift their spirits or just simply cause them to pause and reflect on what they read here, we have found that more times than not, WE are the ones who have found ourselves encouraged or have had our spirits lifted by the many contributions of those who have shared their inspirational stories and poems and so forth with us.

Our prayer is to share Inspirational stories and poems with others, in hopes that they will touch your heart and change the way you look at some things, and perhaps, just perhaps, someone who doesn't know our Lord and Savior will read one of these stories or poems and a seed will be planted within them which will someday grow into a sincere love and need for Jesus in their lives.

The stories, poems and inspirational messages contained on this site, has been gathered from a variety of very blessed and gifted Christian authors and poets, both on and off the internet. It is my intention to present these messages so that they may be viewed by all interested parties. The original authors and poets (where known) are credited for their work and in almost all cases include a link to their website or email address. If there is an unaccredited piece on this site where the author or source is known and has not been noted, please contact me on the email address listed so that the author will be credited for their writings..

Before you leave, please take the time to sign our guestbook and we pray that God will shower you with HIS blessings, and feel free to visit as often as you like or email us.

In God's Love
Rick & Ruby

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