This is dedicated to the thousands of American children who have lost a parent in the war in Iraq.  Our hearts are with these families and the families of the over 10,000 military men and women who have been injured.

A special thank you to all the families of those who serve our country.

Dad, Iíll always be your little girl, youíll always be my Daddy.
Iíve missed you so for seven years, sometimes it hurts so badly.
I miss you more, I love you most,
I know youíre there with our Heavenly Host.

Again some day weíll meet a new
And times like this will seem a few,
But since your call in Ď97
When God said, ďItís time for you to come to HeavenĒ,

Iíve learned of loss and pain untold,
I know our lives must fit the mold,
That God intended from the start;
As we all knew someday this world weíd part.

When next we meet in His Glorious Kingdom,
I know from sorrow weíll find eternal freedom.
I feel your presence and sense your love
That you send to us all from up above.

The loss I carry inside my heart,
Knowing not even Heaven can keep us apart.
A hero you were always in my life
Always there in my times of greatest strife.

You allowed me to struggle, to do it on my own.
When I needed you most, youíd welcome me back home.
Those fatherly arms held me as a babe,
You still hold me now, just in a slightly different way.

As August 30 comes around again this year,
You know my heart will shed many a tear.
Being without you here is what I feared most;
Iíve held on with strength from the Holy Ghost.

I see you sitting on Godís front porch;
Watching over all of us, our bright torch.
A torch of love so special weíve shared
Father and daughter, none other can compare.

I miss you Daddy, forever in my heart you live.
Until we meet again when my release too, God will give.
I canít wait to be wrapped in those fatherly arms
Where I know youíve always kept me safe from harm.

Although Iíve gone on, as was Godís wish,
Not a day goes by that you we donít miss.
Please Daddy, keep watching over us all,
Helping us up again from our many falls.

Weíre still stumbling and learning as thatís what we must do
Whatever we go through, itís never without you.
Your legacy lives on in great-grandchildren never met,
Of you we teach them; no one will ever forget.

You are our hero, back then and now.
We miss you, We love you, and how!!

©Copyright August 27, 2004 by Diane M. Weller

All rights reserved. Reproduced with
permission of author






MIDI Performed by Margi Harrell

Please feel free to visit her wonderful site right HERE. This midi along with more wonderful compositions and/or performances are available at Ms. Harrell's site on CDs.

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