~*~Riches do not make a happy heart~*~
it is love that makes a heart so happy

I do not need a big bouquet,
A single rose would do
To tell me in a special way,
That you love me, too

I do not need a mansion sitting on a hill
I'm happy with our little home
That sits so cozy in our field
I do not need big diamonds

Adorning my hands or ears
But to hear you say you love me
Through the coming years
To have your arms around me

The times seem far and few
No matter where the road may lead
My heart is there with you
For you often work many hours

Traveling far from home
I think of your wonderful smile
When I'm sitting here all alone
The greatest gift you could give me
Would be to hear you say
That you will love me forever
Till eternity fades away

That I am the one... that your heart has chose
Then you give me to my hearts delight
The love of a single rose

Copyright 2003 Brenda Kay Conley