Autumn's Shining Trails

The shining trails of Autumn are glorious;
Stroll along a secluded country lane.
Multicolored patterns in intricate designs
Glisten like a stained glass windowpane.

This riotous season sparkles like dewdrops
On leaves of vibrant orange, red, and gold.
Earth explodes with color and intensity;
Crimson hued dogwoods are a sight to behold.

Autumn abounds with warmth and cheer;
Foliage radiates a rainbow-like glow
Sprawling meadows flame like torches of fire;
Playful winds toss the leaves to and fro.

The nights become sprinkled with stardust,
And the harvest moon casts her magic spell.
The leaves forsake the shelter of the trees,
And wave to the branches a fond farewell.

Copyright 2004 Barbara Cagle Ray


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