Autumn Blessings

Everywhere we look, we behold the handiwork of God
Autumn scenes of majestic color, fill this earth which we now trod,
Leaves of red, gold, and crimson beauty , seem to float gently to the ground.
Witnessing of the Creator, without even making a sound.

The bountiful harvest displays can be seen all around.
Pumpkins, apples, hay, and corn, decorate both country and town,
Children gleefully play in mounds of leaves piled high,
Farmers work to redeem the time, knowing winter soon is nigh.

Autumn's blessings are abundant and a time for our thanksgiving
God has blessed the earth again, He is our Savior and reason for living.
In this season of special beauty, let us bow our heads and pray,
Giving God praise for abundant blessings, thanking Him each new day.

Jo Ann Kelly 2004
J. P.'s Inspirations





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