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What peaceful and comforting words are these
Tis one of my most favorite psalms to be true
Among the tests and trials, these words to me appease
When I am tired & weary, they chase away the blues.

To my worldly side, these words, to me, tend to rattle
My flesh screams "No" to death, I don't want to die
My flesh and I are always at battle
If to this I didn't admit, it would be a lie.

But in the end, my flesh loses, and the Holy Spirit in me wins
I'm not really afraid of death, for death holds no sting
God has forgiven me and all my sins
He is my savior, my Father, and my King

When death takes others that I know and love
My spirit cries out in pain and I'm flooded with tears
But my soul is comforted with peace from God above
I will see them again; HE erases those fears.

When death takes each of us from this worldly place
There will be no more pain, tears, no more sadness
Heaven will be ours forever, we'll see God's face
All of our loved ones, and forever there will be gladness.

I'm not ready for death yet, I have too many things left to do
I have family and friends that don't yet believe
But if my Father decides it's my time to go, let it be true
My suffering will be over, and I'll at last be free.

He Leadeth Me Beside Still Waters
These words are a comfort to me and my family, I pray
I hope they are spoken by my wife, children and others
I will be waiting for them in Heaven, it will be a glorious day!

Rick Harris
June 22 2004


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Graphics by A Christian Witness
Photo taken on Cape Cod
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