Raging Fires Within

Just as a forest fire burns beyond control
Sometimes I feel there are raging fires within me
Fires that threaten to consume my soul
Oh, God, hear my plea!

I accepted Jesus long ago
But I am weak and sometimes fail
And when I do, I'm often slow
To come to Him; instead I wail.

I should make time for Him every day
Just Him and I and His Word
But sometimes I don't; I begin to stray
And when I do, His influence becomes blurred.

Oh, Lord, hear my cry!
Help me to come back to You
Your strength and wisdom I ask You to supply
My heart and my mind please renew!

Please remind me to always wear
The armor of God, so I can always resist
These raging fires. God, hear my prayer!
In You I will always exist.

Let me never start another day
Without You at my side
When I first awake, let my pray
Throughout the day, to me You will guide.

God, let Your living waters of life reside in me
And forever quench these raging fires within
And when temptation arises, to You I will flee
I know when I confess, You will forgive my sin.

Rick Harris
July 7, 2006






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