Words Of Love

In this world, we hear many different words
as their echoes sound through the air
like bubbles which are floating
drifting here and there.

We hear words of kindness, words of truth
words of love and even hate,
words that express the heart of man
words spoken to one's true love and mate.

Words of love when spoken
must all come from the heart
words of love are lasting
whether near, or far apart.

When one loves another
with a love which will endure until the end
their words will be loving and kind
for they speak, as a faithful friend.

There are many things which can be given
as our love we seek to express
beautiful gifts wrapped with satin ribbons
flowers and cards, to the one we love best.

Earthly gifts will one day all fade away
only their memories will remain
but words of love spoken from one's heart
will forever in one's heart be retained.

Without a true expression from the heart
the gifts one may give are all without meaning,
the gift of love from a heart that cares
speaks words which bring hope and healing.

A heart which speaks love in truth
is one which knows the Savior
for when we put Jesus first as our Lord,
we speak as one in His grace and favor.

True love thinks not of self
but of those a person loves most
words of love do not demand their own way
for love is patient and kind, it does not boast.

If you love someone from the heart
you'll be loyal to them, regardless of the cost
always believing and expecting the best
for love expressed in actions, will not be lost.

Loving others as Jesus loved us
is the key to a heart that shares true happiness
for when we love others with the love of God
we give from the heart, a love that will last.

Blessings In Christ,
Jo Ann Kelly 2007
J. P.'s Inspirations


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