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Satan Doesn't Play Fair   The Armour Of Light  The Transfiguration   Juicy Gossip     
How May I Be Born Again? Life's Speed Bumps    The Wisdom Of God I Am The Person
Building On The Rock   I Will Make You Fishers Of Men   The 10 Commandments in Modern Times The Nation's Lighthouse 
Finding Value In Pain When I Say I Am A Christian Feed My Sheep  Father, Son And Holy Spirit 
Do You Hear Him Knocking?  Peter Pan Christians The Word of God  Love a Little More
Generations The Yesterdays of Our Life The Ticket The Christian Drummer Boy...Charlie Coulson
To Have and to Hold Why I Wear a Pink Ribbon When You Thought I Wasn't Looking Dear Mommy
Peace in the Midst of the Storm Sunrise,.. Sunset...Afterglow


The Power of Prayer I Am The Vine
Yesterday's Memories Words of Love Give Me That Old Time Religion Forgiven  
A Remarkable Journey Neither Do I The Living Word of God  Diamonds  
Shadow Of The Cross  The Keys   Dancing With God The Autumn Of Our Lives 
Eagles I Am The Way   The Comforter   Page Here Soon
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